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11/6/09 08:23 am - Recorded this last night

I started working on a set for this weekend and I just started recording. There are a couple of spots I am slightly off but the mixing is pretty spot on for most of it.

Donald Jindra - 01 - November 6th 2009 by djindra


Danny Byrd - French Quarter
Jonny L - Microdaze
Netsky - Hold On To Love
Commix - Scarlet
Chris SU - First Snow
Artificial Intelligence - Movin On (Marky & Bungle Remix)
High Contrast - Tread Softly
Lomax - Artisan VIP
Logistics - Jungle Music
Noisia - Crank
Marcus Intalex - Airbourne
Mutt - Conversations
Logistics - Salvation
Subwave - Think
Benny Page - Turn Down The Lights
Utah Jazz - Riddim Track
Spor - Silver Spaceman
Jonny L - Evah
Proxima - Clear For Launch
DC Breaks - Pickett Line
Body & Soul & Camo & Krooked - The Reward
Brookes Brothers & Culture Shock - Rework
High Contrast - Make It Tonight

10/16/09 03:43 pm - High Contrast's Oct Top 10

Top Ten DnB Tunes: October

There’s so many hot tracks around right now I feel compelled to make a top ten to name check the good chaps behind the music.

1. Full Circle – Bloke4d : A new duo that have a bunch of great tunes, most quite techy but this one is just pure emotional dnb. When I heard it I got straight on to the Hospital head honchos and hopefully this will come out on the NHS.

2. Hyper Hyper – Nu:Tone – Hospital : Something different from Dan, Im loving the new directions he’s taking like Balaclava. This ones cheeky.

3. I Need You / Stars Get Down – Sub Wave – Hospital : Both tracks come from the Future Sound of Russia LP out soon. Deep and minimal but not boring, in fact rather uplifting. Also love Helium on that LP.

4. Cant Take It – Nero – GND : Ethereal vocal. Trancey synth. Gnarly bass. Smacks it.

5. Paperchase – Brookes Bros. vs. Danny Byrd – BBK : Getting a lot of love from Annie Mac, this is a storming collab featuring the kind of electroid vocal choppage and musical switch-ups you would expect from these producers.

6. Piano Anthem – Sonic : A welcome return by the mighty Sonic. Its an uplifting banger but slightly misleading – where’s the piano, dude?!

7. For Love or Money – DKay – Brigand : And good to hear new material from this man. Vocals, brass section, epic drop, my cuppa tea.

8. I Refuse – Netsky : Another new cat, he’s got liquid tunes coming out of his ear (might need to see a doctor for that). This one has a smooth vocal hook that sits great in a mix.

9. Wall – Enter Shikari vs. High Contrast – Dub Mix : Well, I had to include one of my own jams on here. Rock on.

10. Last Jungle – Sub Focus – Ram : Spine tingly oldskool vibes at around 150bpm.

If you would like to hear any of these tracks then just catch one of my dj sets!

10/13/09 11:00 pm - Just for fun...

I recorded this tonight to enter the Beatport / Mixed In Key Harmonic mixing contest. I thought what the hell.

Donald Jindra - 01 - Beatport-Mixed In Key Entry by djindra

9/24/09 11:29 am - If you ever needed a constant loop of a guy smiling at you...


9/21/09 11:58 am - Cool Gang Gang Dance remix up for grabs!

Bebey in 320


you can also find the older XXX Charge Remix of House Jam in 320


9/15/09 01:19 pm - well...

I think I have decided I am going to try Burning Man next year. The stories, pictures, videos I have seen from my couple of friends who went have basically shot out all of my reservations about how crazy it is. My entire Coachella camping group is now talking about going in 2010. The EDM lineup was insane this year and I know the music is not even the reason to go. I feel like I am getting a little hippie in my old age.

9/3/09 04:38 pm - Gang Gang Dance videos...

Some guy posted these. You can see me and a few of my friends in it.

This song just killed it live. I can't wait to have a copy of it.

This one also rocked. All the new tracks sound so good.

8/25/09 10:30 pm - Basically my favorite drum & bass track from the last month or so

I am not even sure if anyone who uses this any more isn't on my facebook list but anyway...

For you lurkers I give you the amazing Microdaze by Jonny L. I saw Marcus Intalex drop this on a crowd about a month ago and it tore the place up. I am working on a setlist for a warehouse/birthday party coming up at which I am playing.

8/7/09 10:00 am - This is my weekend...

Tomorrow night from 11-1230 I'll be watching Underworld

* 8:00 BUSY P
* 9:55 CHROMEO
* 12:30 CROOKERS
* 2:30 TIGA

* 8:00 12TH PLANET
* 10:30 STEVE AOKI
* 11:30 DJ AM
* 1:10 SINDEN
* 2:20 A-TRAK

8/4/09 02:42 pm - Passion Pit

I just found this band and I really like them. They remind me of MGMT a little bit. I think I am going to go see them on Oct 14th @ The Fonda.

7/22/09 05:23 pm - Gidget, the famed Chihuahua who appeared in Taco Bell ads, died Tuesday at the age of 15.


7/20/09 11:33 am - LMAO

Black Eyed Peas Have Officially Written The Worst Song Ever -- powered by Cracked.com

7/8/09 10:02 am - Tunage

Dubstep massive....

This track is wicked,

So is this one,

and lastly...

7/8/09 09:36 am - Woah

I just got spam from those "Hell" people. The club scene must be really struggling right now if Circus, who just 4-5 years ago hosted and packed it in for Spundae Los Angeles, is now going to have a fetish club there.

7/6/09 10:08 am - Happy Birthday

This thing turned 8 yesterday. I am actually surprised I still use it. Granted I pay way less attention to it than years prior.
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